Lesley teaches and directs at Identity Drama School in Whitechapel, London UK. As a teacher, Lesley holds her acting students to the same standards she strives for in her own performance work. Values she works to instill include discipline, intellectual rigour, embodied facility, creative freedom and spontenanity within an intricate structure. As well as directing school showcases, Lesley teaches The Body, Improv and Text Analysis. She draws on her experiential study of a variety of methodologies: Laban, Alexander, Feldenkrais, Grotowski, Stanislavski's 'Sytem', Linklater, Itcush Method, Judith Coltai's Authentic Movement, Linda Putnam, Ruth Zaporah's Action Theatre, clown, Padma Yoga (Certified Beginning Meditation teacher). She has also created storytelling workshops for a variety of non-performers: Youth at Risk, 'homeless', refugees, victims of torture, 'aboriginal'/1st Nations. Lesley is available to facilitate workshops and laboratories for performers and non-performers. She devises each program specifically for the group she's invited to work with.

voice work

One of her favourite mediums, voice work is a stream of creation in which Lesley excels.  A sought after Documentary Narrator, Lesley also ‘voices’ commercials, cartoons, dvds, phone systems and websites. Her well honed skills as an actor enable her to enliven any copy efficiently and easily.  Please click here to hear recent projects.



Lesley's images often capture the extraordinary amid the ordinary.  She's available for on set shooting, capturing live performance, or creating promotional images. She uses a Panasonic GH-2 and a Sony RX 100 Mark II. Recent images from her trip in the Himalayas can be seen here:

https://flic.kr/s/aHsk3DmJDt   and  https://flic.kr/s/aHsk2Z6z8V



Lesley has been creating soundscape since she received her first tape recorder as a child.  During her time as national radio host on the music interview show "The Beat" on CBC Radio 1 & 2, Lesley regularly cut interviews and packaged music documentaries. At that point in time all her editing was done on reel-to-reel tape: experience which makes digital editing a breeze. With a classically trained musical ear, an understanding of the intricacies of dialogue and storytelling honed in the theatre and a rigorous attention to detail, Lesley's adept at creating soundscape that's supportive, atmospheric, inobtrusive and  richly layered


Lesley has gradually been gaining experience in short video works. As well as producing promo and archival video for theatrical companies and independent artists, she combines creates video/performance, and video/installation. She has a basic understanding of Final Cut Pro and is excellent at cutting to music.

general general life at gmail dot com

Acting agent Femi Oguns, IAG:  casting@IdentityAgencyGroup.com