an understanding of brown is a spoken word piece that charts the journey of discovery of self, the pain of trying to fit in, and eventually culminates at in a position of self-defined ethnic identity. Lesley originally wrote and performed it for Playwright’s Theatre Centre’s Solo Flights. Since then she’s shared it with audiences throughout British Columbia on a province-wide tour funded by the Ministry of Aboriginal, Cultural and Women’s Affairs; in Toronto as part of Rock Paper Sistahz Festival and AfriCanadian Playwrights Festival; and at CESTA in Tabor, Czech Republic and in Palermo, Sicily.


Although written years ago, the topic and the struggle portrayed are as current as ever. The set-up required is exceptionally simple, allowing it to be presented in any sort of environment. As well as an engaging piece of theatre, …brown is a multi-faceted jumping off point for discussion; identity, racisim, spoken work, storytelling and drama.


If you would like to book a performance, please contact Lesley at Lesley Ewen at (all one word.).




Technical Requirements:


- Playing space approximately 3m x 3m


- Some overhead light. Regular room lighting is sufficient


- If in a theatre; a general wash, at 3 levels


- No sound equipment is required.





an understanding of brown

Solo spoken word performance

Written, direct and performed by Lesley Ewen 

Performed in various venues throughout Canada and in Czech Republic and Sicily.