required field* was a guerilla gardening collective. The group worked to 'trip up' passers-by by planting flowers, tulips and poppies, in unusual spaces and formations. required field* maintained two ongoing projects: Poppies and Gas Stations and 673 Tulips.  


For 673 Tulips, the group planted 673 tulip bulbs on January 1st, 2009. The bulbs were planted in an empty lot in downtown Vancouver. The lot was fenced at both ends and high cement buildings on either side walled it in.  The formation of the planting was 2 feet by 30 feet. When the flowers bloomed the group held a ctered social, breaking through the locked fence (rather than climbing over it as per usual) and stealing electricity from the neighbouring building to light the installation.


For Poppies, the group would enter locked areas of the city, once occupied by gas stations, and plant poppies in a circle 30 feet in circumference. None of the poppies ever bloomed. Perhaps because they were planted on toxic ground. 







Site specific guerilla gardening installation and social

Vancouver, Canada


required field*

673 Tulips

poppies and gas stations