the house of strange loops

An anarcho-syndicalist, drag-family performance troupe.

The troupe includes a core group of independent performance makers, augmented over time: Dickie Beau, Rosana Cade, Angela Clerkin, Lesley Ewen, Catherine Hoffman, Eilidh MacAskill, Matthew Poxon and Alethea Tamarit Raban.


Strange Loops emerged out of award winning drag fabulist Dickie Beau's desire to form a functional collaborative entity:


"The idea behind my formation of the performance troupe, The House of Strange Loops, stemmed from a book by Italian psychotherapist, Valeria Ugazio, entitled 'Semantic Polarities and Psychopathologies in the Family: Permitted and Forbidden Stories'.

My aim was to apply insights from this book to construct a drag family identity for a group of artists, and individual alter-egos within the family dynamic for each participant."

The initial 2014 workshop was supported by the Live Art Development Agency in partnership with the National Theatre Studio. This vision of the interdependent Collective and how it works is informed by a constellation of influences, including recent thinking in psychotherapeutic practice (e.g. Ugazio); social thought around anarcho-syndicalism as evinced by figures such as Bakunin and Noam Chomsky; and alternative therapeutic models such as those expounded by Ann Wilson Schaef. "


Since then, Strange Loops has gone on to enjoy a fruitful week of R&D at The Yard Theatre, courtesy of the Jerwood Foundation and produced At Home with the House of Strange Loops: a Valentine's Evening of assorted performances and festivities at the Bethnal Green Working Mens Club. Independent spin offs include crisis + denial, the performance duo of Lesley Ewen and Catherine Hoffman. crisis + denial presented their piece these tender alms at BUZZCUT and the 2016 SPILL National Platform.

The House of Strange Loops
Dickie Beau
Lesley Ewen
Lesley Ewen
Lesley Ewen
Angela Clerkin & Eilidh McAskill
Rosana Cade
Eilidh McAskill
Alethea Tamarit Raba